Genus Pancorius described by Bohdanowicz and Proszynski, 1987

Systematic studies on East Palaearctic Salticidae (Araneae), IV. Salticidae of Japan

Species Evarcha crassipes (Karsch, 1881)
Plexippus crassipes Karsch, 1881: 38, Yaginuma 1970: 672, 1974: 108,f.295,
Evarcha crassipes: Proszynski and Starega 1971: 272, Proszynski 1973b: 107-110,ff.25-32, 1976: map 133.
Material.1 female - Plexippus crassipes Karsch (Evarcha?) - Japan, Yamanakadani, Osaka [widely distributed in Japan and common], 29.VII.1958, leg.det.T.Yaginuma - coll.J.Prosznski.
(Bohd. and Prosz.,1987)
Female. Cephalothorax reddish fawn, with 3 yellow stripes: from fovea backwards and laterally to eye field; thorax with small brown adpressed setae and longer whitish hair, both forming semicircular belts around eye field; eyes surrounding brown (eyes I,II) or brownish black (Eyes III) with white adpressed setae and long, bent brown bristles laterally to eye field and over eyes II; between median I eyes a few long whitish bristles; Eye field with delicate silky gleaming semitransparent setae and long brownish or semitransparent bristles. Ventral margin of carapace grey, bordered dorsally with blackish and fawn lines. Leg I yellowish fawn with fawnish brown rings on distal end of segments (except coxa and trochanter),2 pairs of spines on metatarsus, 7 spines on tibia, 1 on patella, 6 on femur; other legs similar.

Abdomen greyish yellowish white with whitish median stripe, posterioly covered with brown bristles and delicate adpressed brown setae (no setae on median stripe), lateral surfaces similar. Anal tubercle white, spinnerets brownish beige.
Clypeus fawnish yellow with whitish hairs. Chelicerae fawn with 2 promarginal and 1 retromarginal tooth. Sternum brownish yellow with dense semitransparent bristles and setae, bordered brown. Abdomen ventrally whitish, covered with semitransparent setae, with median belt and lateral dots of brwonish setae. Epigyne shown on figs.35-37.
(from Bohd. and Prosz.,1987)
Measurements of female;
‰ 1.77 length of eye field - height h= height/L of CT
3.83 length of cephalothorax 2.63 width of eye field I (on level of eyes I) a=0.46 L of EF/L of CT
7.10 length of abdomen 2.63 width of eye field III (on level of eyes III) b=1.00 W of eye I/W of eye III
d=@@(length of tibia IV:lenght of tibia III)@@ c=0.67 L of EF/W of EF eye I
Length of segments of legs of female:
leg femur patella tibia metatar. tarsus ALL
Š I 0.92 1.21 1.56 1.56 2.41 7.66
II 0.99 1.14 1.42 1.49 1.99 7.03
III 1.21 1.63 1.49 1.42 2.63 8.38
IV 1.14 1.85 2.91 1.28 2.70 9.88
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ (from Bohd. and Prosz.,1987)