Genus Evarcha described by Bohdanowicz and Proszynski, 1987

Systematic studies on East Palaearctic Salticidae (Araneae), IV. Salticidae of Japan

Species Evarcha albaria (L.Koch, 1878)
Hasarius albarius L.Koch, 1878: 780,
Evarcha albaria: Simon 1901: 697-698; et auct seq., Yaginuma 1970: 670, 1974: 109,f.299, Proszynski 1973b: 104-107,ff.23-24, 1976: map 128, Wesolowska 1981a: 70-71,
Ergane albifrons Kulczynski, 1895; 32 (syn.Prosznski 1973b: 104).
Evarcha albifrons: Simon 1901: 697-698 et auct.seq.,
Hyllus lamperti Bosenberg et Strand, 1906: 356 et auct.seq. (syn.Prosznski 1973b:104).

Material.1 male,1 female - Evarcha albaria (L.Koch) - Japan, Osaka Pref. [widely distributed in Japan and common], 31.V.1959, leg.T.Yaginuma; 1 female - Evarcha albifrons (Kulcz.)? = Evarcha albaria - Japan, Takanabe, Kyushu, 13.VI.1953, leg.T.Yaginuma - coll.J.Prosznski. . (from Bohd. and Prosz.,1987)
Cephalothorax brown, slightly lighter posteriorly to eye field, posteriorly and laterally covered with short adpressed brown setae, poorly contrasting darker arei spreading posteriorly from fovea.
Eye field blackish brown with metalic gleam, few brown bristles and some semitransparent adpressed setae, anteriorly a distinct belt of white adpressed setae, its posterior border of pigmentation W shaped. Anteriorly and laterally to eye field some longer brownish bristles. Lateral eyes surroundings black.
Ventral margin of carapace with brown ridge, ventrally borderd grey.
Leg I dark brown with 2 pairs of spines on metatarsus, 3 on tibia, 6 spines on femur; other legs similar but with patellae and tarsi lighter on posterior legs; on all legs double lighter stripes on most segments.
Abdomen generally yellowish grey: blackish grey pigmentation with a net of greyish yellow little round patches posteriorly forming transverse arci and laterally longitudinal lines, all covered with dirty yellow adpressed setae (in anterior half of abdomen forming dense broad fawnish stripe) and brown (posteriorly lighter) bristles.
Lateral surfaces lined black and whitish yellow with broad, interrupted anteriorly, whitish yellow stripe dorsally. Anal tubercle and spinnerets blackish.
Clypeus yellowish fawn with numerous brown bristles.
Chelicerae fawnish brown with 1 bifid promarginal and 1 retromarginal tooth.
Palpal organ - figs.30-32.
Sternum yellowish grey, bordered dark, light hirsute.
Abdomen ventrally grey with 4 longitudinal lines of round light patches; laterally diagonal lines of light patches.
@@@@@ (from Bohd. and Prosz.,1987)
Cephalothorax brownish fawn with yellowish patches posteriorly to eyes III and brown arci spreading posteriorly from fovea; Eye field dark brown with distinct violet metalic gleam, covered sparsely with light semitransparent adpresssed scales, blunish metalic gleam, its posteriorly border of pigmantation W shaped.
Eyes surronding black (except median posterior pair). Laterally and anteriorly to eye field a few long brown bristles and few whitish adpressed scales (over lateral anterior eyes sparse whitish adpressed setae).
Ventral margin of carapace with thin brown ridge, ventrally bordered grey.
Leg I blackish brown with 2 pairs of spines on metatarsus, 3 on tibia, 1 on patella, 6 spines on femur; leg II yellowish fawn, legs III-IV fawnish yellow, all with similar spines and some brown and light semitransparent setae; femora II-IV greyish.
Abdomen discoloured and wrinkled, pigmented black and yellow. Anal tibercle and spinnerets blackish.
Clypeus fawnish yellow with white adpressed setae and white long bristles.
Chelicerae brownish fawn with 1 strong promarginal (distinctly bifid on right chelicerae) and 1 retromarginal tooth.
Sternum yellow, bordered dark, light hirsute.
Abdomen ventrally with central lighter trapezium: 3 inconspicous longitudinal brownish grey stripes on greyish yellow background, laterally defined by lines of greyish yellow small round patches. Epigyne shown on figs.27-29,33-34
‰ 1.23 length of eye field height h= height/L of CT
2.74 length of cephalothorax 1.23 width of eye field I (on level of eyes I) a=0.45 L of EF/L of CT
2.74 length of abdomen 1.71 width of eye field III (on level of eyes III) b=0.72 W of eye I/W of eye III
d=@@(length of tibia IV:lenght of tibia III)@@ c=1.00 L of EF/W of EF eye I
Š 1.28-1.26 length of eye@field height h=
2.84-2.94 length of cephalothorax 1.70-1.88 width of eye field I (on level of eyes I) a=0.42-0.45
3.05-3.32 length of abdomen 1.77-1.46 width of eye field III (on level of eyes III) b=0.96-1.29
d= (length of tibia IV:lenght of tibia III) c=0.75-0.67
Length of segments of legs:
leg femur patella tibia metatar. tarsus ALL
‰ I 0.76 0.84 1.12 1.01 1.60 5.33
II 0.70 0.78 0.95 0.95 1.48 4.86
III 0.81 1.15 1.04 0.87 1.90 5.77
IV 0.76 1.20 1.04 0.76 1.68 5.44
Š I 0.57-0.76 0.71-0.84 0.85-1.06 1.92-1.06 1.21-1.60 5.26-5.32
II 0.64-0.73 0.78-0.76 0.92-0.98 0.92-1.04 1.42-1.51 468-5.02
III 0.78-0.90 1.06-1.12 0.92-1.04 1.06-1.06 1.92-2.02 5.74-6.14
IV 0.85-0.90 1.06-1.20 0.99-1.12 0.85-0.90 1.77-1.88 5.52-6.00
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ (from Bohd. and Prosz.,1987)
IKEDA's Comments:@@Species Evarcha crassipes transbered to the genus Pancorius